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1 Fiche signalétique

s. Munis
Vie / Buhez : évêque irlandais au 5e siècle, frère de Mel, fils de Conan/Conis et de Darerea la soeur de Patrig
Genre / Reizh : Masculin
Signification / Sinifiañs :
Variantes / Argemmoù : Munis, Muinis (Irlande) -

2 Almanach

le 18 décembre 2022 ~ d'an 18 a viz Kerzu 2022
Saint(e) du jour ~ Sant(ez) an deiz s. Munis (évêque irlandais au 5e siècle, frère de Mel, fils de Conan/Conis et de Darerea la soeur de Patrig)
Proverbe breton ~ Krennlavar Fallañ ibil zo er c'harr a wigour da gentañ.§ [Trad]

Almanach complet : [Calendrier:Vie des saints]

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église de St-Munis Forgney
église de St-Munis Forgney

5 Monographies

Site All Saints Brookline :

Commemoration of St. Mel of Ardagh
February 6

Most of the accounts of the life of St. Mel (Mael) emphasize his connection to other saints, especially the two patron saints of Ireland, Patrick and Brigid. It is not known exactly when or where Mel was born, but it is recorded that his father’s name was Conis or Chonis and his mother’s name was Darerca. St. Darerca was a sister of St. Patrick and was known as the “mother of saints” because all of her children (seventeen sons and two daughters) entered religious life, all were later recognized as saints, and all of her sons became bishops.

Mel and his brothers Melchu, Munis and Rioch accompanied their uncle Patrick to Ireland and helped him with his missionary work there. Mel and his brother Melchu were both reportedly consecrated bishop by Patrick himself. After St. Patrick built the church at Ardagh, he appointed Mel as Bishop of Ardagh, but according to the Life of St. Brigid, Mel is said to have had no fixed See for most of his life in ministry, which fits with other accounts of his being a traveling missionary and evangelist. Acting upon the apostolic precept, Mel supported himself by working with his hands, and what he gained beyond bare necessities, he gave to the poor.

Site Early British Kingdoms :

Kings of Brittany, Princes of Cornouaille & Domnonée

Conan Meriadog (d.421), King of Brittany & Dumnonia, married, as his second wife, Dareca, the unlikely sister of St. Patrick of Ireland. They had some twenty children who all became saints or Bishops, mostly in Ireland: St. Echea, St. Lalloca, St. Mel-Noch, St. Rioch, St. Munis, Cruman, Midgma, St. Loman, St. Loarn, Cieran, Carantog, Magalle, Columb, Brychan, Brychad, St. Branwaladr, Fine, Melchu, St. Bolcan & their eldest son: Gradlon Mawr (the Great), King of Brittany, Abt 330 - 43

Site Longford :

Forgney, Feorgnaidh, An Edifice

In the 6th century this area had a bishop called St. Munis, who was a brother of St. Mel of Ardagh. Legend has it there was a large lake called the lake of Forgney which disappeared in response to St. Patrick's prayers. This is the Parish in which Pallace is situated where Oliver Goldsmith was born.

Yahoo / Celt-saints :

6 February

Celtic and Old English Saints 6 February

* St. Mel of Ardagh
* Ss. Melchu and Munis of Lough Lee
* St. Ina and St. Ethelburga
* St. Jacut and St. Guethenoc
* St. Mun of Lough Ree

St. Mel (Mael, Melchno) of Ardagh and St. Melchu, Bishops and Martyrs

Died c. 488-490. Mel and his brother Melchu (plus Munis and Rioch) were sons among the 17 sons and two daughters of Saint Patrick's sister, Darerca (f.d. March 22) and her husband Conis. While all of the children are reputed to have entered religious life, Mel and Melchu,together with their brothers Muinis and Rioch, accompanied Patrick to Ireland and joined him in his missionary work.

Patrick ordained Mel and Melchu bishops. Patrick is reputed to have appointed Mel bishop of Ardagh, and Melchu to the see of Armagh (or vice versa). There is some evidence that Melchu may have been a bishop with no fixed see, who may have succeeded his brother. Some scandal was circulated about Mel, who lived with his Aunt Lipait but both cleared themselves by miraculous means to Patrick, who ordered them to live apart.