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1 Fiche signalétique

s. Mogenoc
Vie / Buhez : évêque de Cill Duma Glyn au 5e siècle, fils de Tigrid et neveu de Patrig
Genre / Reizh : Masculin
Signification / Sinifiañs :
Variantes / Argemmoù : Mogenoc (Bretagne) - Mugenoc (Irlande)

2 Almanach

le 4 février 2023 ~ d'an 4 a viz C'hwevrer 2023
Saint(e) du jour ~ Sant(ez) an deiz s. Mogenoc (évêque de Cill Duma Glyn au 5e siècle, fils de Tigrid et neveu de Patrig)
Proverbe breton ~ Krennlavar D'ar ouenn e tenn.

[Il ressemble à la (sa) race.]

Almanach complet : [Calendrier:Vie des saints]

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St. Tigris

Irish saint, sister of St. Patrick. Much obscurity attaches to her life, and she has been frequently confounded with St. Darerca, another of the five sisters, who are treated of at length by Colgan. St. Tigris was the mother of five sons, all of whom became bishops: Sts. Loman of Trim; Munis of Forgney; Broccaid of Emlagh; Broccen of Breaghwy; and Mugenoc of All Duimi Gluin. Jocelyn credits the saint with seventeen sons and five daughters, but Tirechan and the "Tripartite Life" are preferable authorities. Her husband's name was Gollit. The time and place of her death are uncertain.

Site de Kildare :

St. Patrick sanctified this locality by his presence and his apostolic labours. The author of the Loca Patriciana, tracing our saint’s progress from Meath to Leinster, remarks that he appears to have followed the Boyne from Bective across the ford of Ath-ui-Lilcach to Ard-Braccan,…. thence to Trim, and southwards towards Leinster, on the confines of which was the church of Cill Duma Glyn, where he left his nephew, Mogenoc, the brother of Braccan, of Ardbraccan. This place is now represented by Kil Glyn, in the parish of Balfeaghan, near Kilcock, between which and Cloncurry he crossed over to Leinster. The Book of Armagh thus details his progress:-"Et perexit ad fines Lageniensium, ad Druim Ur- chaille, et point ibi domum martyrum, quae sic vocatur, quae sita est super viam magnam in valle, et est hic petra Patricii in via." Clonshanbo lies between these places.

Le Lycée Armoricain - 3e volume - 1824 :


Vie des saints de Garaby :

Saint MOGENOC , Evêque- IL naquit en Bretagne, vers 406 , de Conan Mériadec et de sainte Darerque. Par sa valeur il contribua à la prospérité du royaume.