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1 Fiche signalétique

s. Elvin
Vie / Buhez : venu d'Irlande en Cornwall avec Breaca, ou alors êvêque de Lindsey au 7e siècle
Genre / Reizh : Masculin
Signification / Sinifiañs :
Variantes / Argemmoù : Elwyn (Irlande) -

2 Almanach

le 23 décembre 2023 ~ d'an 23 a viz Kerzu 2023
Saint(e) du jour ~ Sant(ez) an deiz s. Elvin (venu d'Irlande en Cornwall avec Breaca, ou alors êvêque de Lindsey au 7e siècle)
Proverbe breton ~ Krennlavar Maen 'uz falz, falz 'uz maen.

[La pierre use la faucille, la faucille use la pierre.]

Almanach complet : [Calendrier:Vie des saints]

3 Sources

4 Iconographie

église de St-Elwyn
église de St-Elwyn

5 Monographies

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St Breaca

An Irishwomen who was one of Brigid's nuns, the lost life of this saint was once housed at Breage Church.

She came to Cornwall with a group of saints which included Elwyn and Germoe - Elwyn is remembered at Portleven at the mouth of the Hayle River. That place derives its name from Port Elwyn, so indicating where the saint made his landing.

Forum Rootsweb :


In spite of his Brythonic Celtic name, he is said to have come over from Ireland and in some sources is claimed as a companion of Breaca [another saint from the Hayle area, and at Breage near Helston]. He landed at Porthleven, which name derives from 'Porth-Elwyn', the landing-place or harbour of Elwyn. A chapel was dedicated to him there. When Hayle expanded, and a new church was built (its parish church remains Phillack) it was dedicated to him.

Site en.wikipedia :

Ethelwine of Lindsey

Ethelwine of Lindsey, otherwise Elwin, (d c 700) was the second bishop of Lindsey from c. 680,[1] and a saint.[2]

Other than a reference in Bede's Historia to him and his family (including his sister the abbess Ethelhild), very little is known of him. The even less well evidenced Saint Aldwyn is sometimes said to have been his brother.