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After the Peace of Aix la Chapelle, he returned to his studies. He spent some time in a seminary at Paris, and went into the Church ; and, after having taken his degrees in Theology, he became Canon and Vicar General of the Cathedral Church of Treguier, with a pension of 2000 livres, which, however, he always applied to the use of the poorer students. In 1772 he was made Bishop of Leon, (to which the title of Comte is also annexed) ; and there being but a very small seminary in his See, he purchased a large piece of ground, and erected and sitted up a very handsome building or college at his own expence, proper to hold about 200 persons, over whom he placed Ecclesiastics, distinguished for their learning and piety ; to this college he added a small seminary, where the poorer students were brought up and instructed free of all expense.

He endowed the whole of this himself with funds sufficient for the salaries of the Professors, and for the repairs of the buildings. This Establishment was completed long before the Revolution, as is known to several emigrants now in this country, and to several English who visited Britanny before that period.

Besides this work, this good Bishop was very active in various plans and pursuits for the advantage of his Diocese, and particularly for the benefit of the poor, having dedicated two-thirds of his icome to these purposes. The progress of the French Revolution is too well known to need a recital here, nor does the writer know the detail of this Prelate's opinions or conduct in the month of January 1791, when he became obnoxious to the ruling Powers by reliftng the new Civil Contitution, as it was called, of the Clergy, dated August 24, 1790 ; by which the Bishopnie of Leon was suppressed, and united to that of Quimper, in order to form the Diocese of the latter ; notwithstanding which the Bishop of Leon continued to reside in his Episcopal House, and to exercise his functions.

In consequence of this want of compliance with the new order of things, several proceedings were had against him in the Department of Morbihan ; and notice was sent to quit the Episcopal House, and to deliver up all the papers relative to the temporal and spiritual government of his See.

And the Bishop, however, paid little attention to these orders, his conduct was represented to the National Assembly then sitting at Paris, who made a decree the 16th Feb. 1793, to send three Commissioners into the Department, under presence of establishing order ; and, amongst other things, directed, that the late Bishop of Treguier, St Pol de Leon, and Vannes, should immediately, on the notification of the decree, attend the National Assembly.

This Decree was immediatyely printed ; and sent-off to the Directory of the Department of Finistère, with orders to serve it, by an Officer of the Marechauffée on the Bishop of Leon, and summon him to obey it without delay. An officer was sent directly to the District of Morlaix, with orders that the Bishop should be conducted immediately, in a carriage under a good escort, to the National Assembly.

The Bishop received this Decree the 24th, at 10 oc'clock at night, and prepared to attend the National Assembly according to the Decree ; but having received private advice on Friday the 25th not to go to Paris, where he would in-