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when the writer of this account found him in his night-cap, howering over a small fire ; and upon enquiring after his helth was immediately informed bu him : " that he was come to see him die ". But he still possessed the same vivacity and the same attention to the affairs of others which he had always done ; the same anxiety for theur distresses ; and made the same efforts to relieve them (of which there were in any remarkable instances) till the day of his release from this transitory life.


He then makes some benefits of the books, and of the wordly goods he possessed, to his nieces, relations, and friends, among whom his good hostels in not forgotten ; and makes the Abbé Brajeul, who attended him in his last illnes, his executor ; to whom he gives a legacy of some books, and request him to render him his last service (*).

(*) Since this short account was written, the Bishop's funeral sermon was preached the 29th January, by M. l'Abbé Chatelier, one of the French vicars general ; giving together with the notes, a very minute and eloquent History of his Life and Character. It is printed for Dulau and Co. Soho Square.