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But though the number of those who arrived here, previous to August and September 1792, was not inconsiderable, yet they were few in comparison of those who landed here after that period, when tey, who had not taken the oaths to their new Government, were hunted and slaughtered like sheep at Paris, and frome one end of France to the other, not only individually but in bodies, and almost without exception.


An advertissement was put into the newspapers on the 18th September, as follows :

" French Clergy.

"The horrid massacres of the Clergy at Paris, and their general Proscription throughout France, have driven them in great numbers to seek asylum in England. It is confidently hoped that a difference in religious persuasion, or political opinions, will not shut the hearts of the English Nation against theur suffering brethren, their fellow creatures, and their fellow Christians."

A meeting took place the 20th, when a Committee of 60 Noblemen and Gentlemen, among whom were the Duke of Portland, the Bishop of London, the Lord Mayor, Mr Burke, Sir B. Waston, Mr Wilberforce, and