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He spent a good deal of time with Lord and Lady Arundel, and attended the Catholic Chapel, where Mr Heteley officiated. They left Bath on Tuesday the 15th, pas passing by Windsor, where the Bishop much admired the beautiful Chapel of St. George ; they arrived in Town on the 16th.


" I feared not to appear before any Tribunal ; if they attacked my doctrine ; it was that of the Clergy or France, of the Holy See, and of the Catholic Church, I was ready to give an account of the hope that was in me : - if they blamed my conduct, it was easy to justify it : but when all semblance of justice was laid aside, when force was employed against my person, an against that liberty which had been so often guaranteed by the new Constitution, I saw there was no longer any security in the ... in Law, ... Justice. " I was aware that the ... degree of violence exercited against me, would have been to prohibit me all correspondence with my Clergy.

My thoughts, therefore, were